the idea

In April 2018 Lev and I travelled in Peru for 4 weeks.

In the first place Lev wanted to sell the Firetruck after this journey. But during our travels in Peru we decided to leave the van in the country and return to South America in 2019. In that moment we weren’t sure if we would come back for another 4-week-holiday or even longer.

Once back in Germany, we decided pretty soon, that we want to travel for a little while longer, since we already had the van on that continent. Words spoken, we started to plan the trip roughly and saved up money.

One challenge we had to solve was our work situation. We had the idea to travel for 6 months this time. Lev was able to negotiate a deal with his employer, that he could do a sabbatical. Therefore, he worked many hours in advance and built up a certain amount of money, that he will get payed in the time while we are travelling. I sorted out a different deal with my employer. I will work remote a few hours every week. Thus, my salary is lower in the time while we are abroad.

The rest was ordering things, planning the itinerary and the bike projects we want to do, renting out the apartment while we are gone and booking the flight.

On the 15th of July our adventure started …

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